Ways to make your home smells great

Thursday, May 26, 2011

It's not a question nor just a statement.  It is something that we as a mother always want to contemplate.  When you have small kids in the house, some part of your house will be so dis-organized and sometimes the air would not be as fresh as you imagine. But good thing there are ways you can make your house smells good and having a Scentsy warmer could be one of your solution.  

I always used to buy air deodorizer and air spray  to achieve clean air  because having kids at home , we must always make sure that our house is free from any bad air or odor but my always problem is that the fresh smell does not last long.  It was then immediately went out and even i tried different products but i still have the same dilemma. 

What more, my baby would surely love a scentsy buddy as a toy, it would be nice to cuddle  it will give her comfort and the smell can keep her relax too.

So, knowing something that can give you the better results while earning in the same time would be a great idea. I can even throw away a nice scentsy party for my relatives and friends and give them gifts that will always remind them about me. That would really be awesome and this would definitely a great addition in my collection. 

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  1. I'm very sensitive to smell and that is why I keep a lot of fragrances around the house---my favorite are scented candles, Febreeze and fragrance mists....gusto ko laging mabango ang bahay ko....kaso minsan hindi talaga maiwasan esp. on winter, when all our "openings" should be tightly closed ......after we cook, we had to open our windows just to let the cooking smell drift out the air....at least for a 10 minutes, otherwise, ang bahay mangamoy...then I light up scented candles and spray Febreeze.


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