What would you do if you have one pill that can change your life?

Monday, May 02, 2011

What do you think if you were given a chance to take one pill that can entirely change the life you had today? If your miserable , you will say that you will make your life change or you might answer, I wanted to be a millionaire and buy all the things i wanted or if you are lonely, you will want to have someone in your life that will make you happy forever. Those are just some thoughts that i had in my mind , it might be a possible answer coming from you but hey don't think that it would be my answer too. 

I watched this movie starring Bradley Cooper and the ever talented Robert De Niro, the film was about a copywriter (hmm, sounds similar to me) who discovers a top-secret drug or you can say a pill which bestows whomever takes it a super human abilities.  Super human abilities does not mean, you will become a superhero, that's out of the question here.   His life is already at the edge and you can say that he was a total loser but suddenly upon taking it, he was back to life and change him for a much better person he wants to be.  Thinking of learning something in just for an instance even without the proper studies.  He was so obsessed of the thought of the origin of the drug and on the way there are some killers or antagonist that are trailing his every move.  

It was a story that will give you some thoughts of what if there was really a certain drug that can make me this genius, would you consider it?  I think you will enjoy this movie "Limitless" as much as we enjoy it. It's very straightforward, effects are just fine, the actors knows how to act their piece well and who would not think Robert De Niro could not act and most of all the story line is great.  

A Mother's thoughts is the most precious of all. Join me as I Journey to Life.

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