Why do Filipino loves Korean novela?

Friday, May 06, 2011

Included in my daily musing is watching my fave Korean Novela.  I usually bought DVD of something that interest me and even before they were shown on local television, I was able to watch and finish it already.  
I could not remember the exact time or date i have started watching korean tele-novela but if my memory serves me write, this was started when i have watched "Sweet 18" at GMA Channel 7 and that caught my interest and eventually watched many other korean drama.  
Now, that I am having my maternity leave, i don't know if you will believe me but i have watched more than ten korean dramas and even my phone ring tone is "Hyun Bin" That Man (of Secret Garden & Kim Sam Soon).

The fact that they were very entertaining must be the reason why many Filipino like me are addicted watching them, especially if they were already translated in our local language. 
Here are some lists of Korean/ Chinese Novela that were already shown in our local TV. 
GMA (choices)

1. All About Eve 
2. Attic Cat
3. Autumn in my Heart
4. Bright Girl
5. Beautiful Days
6. Couple of Fantasy
7. Come Back Soon Ae
8. Foxy Lady
9. Full house
10. Funny Wild Girl
11. Glass Shoes
12. Guardian Angel
13. Hotelier
14. Irene
15. Jewel in the Palace
16. Jumong
17. House Husband
18. Love Letter
19. Love Story in Harvard
20. Love in Heaven
21. Love Truly
22. Loving You
23. My Name is Kim Sam Soon
24. My 19 year old sister in law
25. My love Cindy
26. Romance
27. Stairway to Heaven
28. Sassy Girl Chunyang
29. Sweet 18
30. Summer Scent
31. Taste Sweet Love
32. Two Friends
33. The Prince First love
34. Yellow Handkerchief
35. Winter Sonata
36. 18 vs. 29
37. 100 million dollar quest
38. Coffee Prince
39. The Legend
40. Dating Now
41. Witch Yoo Hee
42. Dal Jas Spring
43. Hello My Lady
44. Sweet Spy
45. Be Strong Geum Soo
46. Wanted Perfect Family
47. Money War
48. Chill Princess
49. Shining Inheritance
50. Queen Seon Dok
51. East of Eden

ABS CBN (choices)

1. A love to kill
2. Forbidden Love
3. Green Rose
4. Lovers in Paris
5. Memories of Bali
6. My Girl
7. Only You
8. Oh Feel Young
9. Princess hours
10. Princess Lulu
11. Save the Last dance
12. Stained Glass
13. Spring Day
14. Spring Waltz
15. Something About 1%
16. The Wedding
17. Truth
18. Wonderful life
19. Which Star are you from
20. Marrying a Millionaire
21. Lovers
22. Three Dads with one Mom
23. Boys over Flowers
24. He is Beautiful

QTV (choices)

1. All In
2. April Kiss
3. Bodyguard
4. Firebird
5. Fashion 70's
6. Hello God
7. I'm Sorry I love you
8. Lovers in Prague
9. Only You
10. Secret Lovers
11. Single Again
12. Super Rookie
13. Rondo
14.Summer Beach
15.Surgeon Bong Dal Hee
16. Beethoven Virus
17.Alone in Love
18. Thank You
19. New Heart
20. One Fine Day
21. Night after Night
22. Celebrity Sweethearts
23. Formidable Rivals
* list is copied at asianfanatics.com

And of course, who could forget Meteor Garden or Hana Yori Dango?Those highlighted are the one, i have already watched. 
Here are also some of what I have watched that was not included in the list. 
Creating Destiny, Cinderella Man, The Womanizer, Couple in Trouble, Easy Fortune, Happy Life, Oh, My lady, My girlfriend is a 9 tailed fox , I am Legend and of course, Secret Garden.

So, how about you? What among these titles have you watched already?  Leave your comment, I know your really eager to do so.

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