As Days Go By

Sunday, June 19, 2011

As days go by, I'm getting anxious on what I needed to do.  My mind could not function well and I'm suffering from different emotions.  This things only happens when i'm worried and happy and I even wanted to just stare at the wall calendar to let time pass by. Speaking of calendars, i am thinking of giving away calendars for my baby's baptism, a personalized calendar printing would be nice but i still don't have any beautiful pictures of him to put in there. 

We have planned to have a family picture taken, maybe it is also a good time to have a solo picture of him to be used for whatever giveaway i have in mind.  Specialty products is what i always look into when buying something for a souvenir.  Costumed made items is a hit on many different occasions, even if it is a giveaway or just a simple souvenir for yourself. Quality and affordability is what every customers will always look into just like with nextdayflyers which offers different specialty products and of course, they are very eco-friendly, a thing which I always look into when buying this kind of products. 

I wish we can have the money, so we can able to have our little Ritz baptism right away but there are many priorities we had in our way and his baptism can still wait for the meantime.  Maybe after finishing the equity for our newly acquired house and then that's the time we can set our budget for any events we need to make. I wish time could help us because sometimes, i feel i'm a short of it. 

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