A bright and sunny morning

Sunday, June 19, 2011

A Bright and sunny morning, that is what I wished for.  It's been a while since this rain keeps on pouring as if there is no end of it.  Many people are suffering and cities were flooded. Even though we always suffer this kind of problems every rainy season, i also do wish that typhoons are not that heavy to the extent that it will kill and left many people homeless. 

In this kind of disaster, we need to have a solid plan so that when worst comes to worst, we can help other who is in dire need. 

Just to lighten the mood, i want to share with you this beautiful flower my lens caught while I was walking on the street. I remember this gumamela back of my young days, we used to grind it and put some powdered detergent on it and make it as a mixture for bubbles.  Back then, everything is simple. 

I have less worry. I have everything right infront of me, maybe that's one good thing on being a child. You see life very simple now, when i thought about my life , sometimes i wish i can just be a bubble, can evaporate anytime I wanted to. 


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  1. so true..tag ulan na naman kasi..sunod sunod na din ang bagyo.. :(

    nice gumamela capture here.. :D

    dropping by from Green Monday..here's my Green Monday Entry!see you there!


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