Soccer Braces

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Hubby used to be a varsity player for soccer on his teen years.  Thinking about it looks like a real fun.  It's not that i want to see those girls asking for his picture or wanting to have their pictures taken with him.  I'm just curious how he does well in the field and everyone will be shouting his name or cheering for him.  That was a real fun, don't you think.  But playing soccer is not always fun, it can also be alarming especially when things get rough and you might end up hurting yourself. I wonder if he had worn an ankle braces for soccer when he did have an ankle sprain.  

His ankle still did hurt from time to time, maybe that was because of his previous works.  How i wish i can see him play again but things are very busy and he even don't have a time for a simple exercise now. 


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