What makes a smartphone a genius phone?

Friday, July 01, 2011

Many claims that they have the best phone but when you look deeper you will learn that you were just fooled right under your nose.

To be called a genius phone, one must have the following characteristics; 
  • It must be light and thin. 
  • One that can surprise  you with a big black pane of screen. A 4-inch, 480 x 800 pixels, IPS LCD, capacitive touchscreen
  • Covenience to have a four touch-sensitive Android buttons for Menu, Home, Back and Search at the bottom of your phone.
  • Screen so bright with vibrant colors of 16M colors that are very appealing in your eyes. A screen that perfectly fine even indoors or out or even in the mot direct sunlight you can imagine.
  • A 3.5mm headphone. Micro- USB slot
  • A phone that included social networking apps covering Twitter, Facebook and MySpace that can add in your contacts from each of the networks (though other apps, including the official Twitter app where you can also import contacts). The contact import options for these two apps are intelligent, enabling you to import everyone automatically, import manually or only import information from contacts you already have a contact entry.  
  • High speed 3G connectivity. 
and most of all, your phone is a genius if it was recognized by Guinness Book of Record  for having the first dual-core smartphone. A Dual-core 1GHz ARM Cortex-A9 proccessor, ULP GeForce GPU, Tegra 2 chipset.

If you have the following qualities, your smarthphone must either be a "LG Optimus 2x or the Optimus Black" because these two phones are one of the genius phones LG had created over the years that's why their LG Optimux 2x  received an award from the Guinness World Record.

 Owning one will be a dream come true for a not so techie-lady like me.  It means i would not be needing my notepad, planner where i input my important tasks, a separate mp3 to hear my fave musics and my wishes to have a DSLR would not be necessary because LG Optimus 2x has an amazing camera with 8 MegaPixels, 3264x2448 pixels, an autofocus and LED flash which can also be found in many digital cameras.  What more, i can always capture the goodness of life with it's wonderful full HD video. 

I'm a blogger who loves to blog just about my daily musings, anything that captures my imagination.  Things i love, things i like and my ideas on how i can help to spread green for the benefit of our environment.  For me, life is a journey, so as much as possible, i wanted to capture every beautiful things this life can offer. With a genius phone like LG's optimus i don't need to worry because I can save those precious memories. 

I'm a busy woman, juggling my life on being a wife, a mother of two children, a court stenographer by day, a Internet VA at night, occasional advocate and an accidental blogger. That's why i take every opportunities to be updated with my facebook and twitter friends, so a Wifi phone is what i always desires. I am also a talker, i rather talk than text and having a phone with a  talk time up to 7 hours and 50 minutes on 3G and a standby time of up to 400 hours is really a must for me. 

If your phone has this powerful chip that delivers an Android performance experience like no other and top of the line multi-media capabilities, then you can call that phone a genius.  Something an owner would be so proud and treasured to have. 

Take time to watch the new LG Optimux 2x commercial and be mesmerized. 

Optimus is more than just smart. It’s genius. Visit lgoptimus.ph for more information!” 

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  1. wow all in one, loved it! LG hoping you'll be mine!

  2. I would love to have that too.. at the moment I have my Blackberry 9000 and loving it each day.. problem is that the trackball is broken.. waaa..

  3. nice ganda ng post!! :) ako wala pang fon ahhahahah :)) nweis ikaw b gumawa ng tamplate mo? anu gamit mo n template dito.thnks :)

  4. That phone definitely suits your busy lifestyle. It has all the features you'll ever need. I want one for myself too! hehe

  5. ganda ng post sis!! I like LG Optimus 2x, it's really a powerful phone noh.

    I also joined this sis. here's my entry http://www.pinayads.com/2011/06/lg-optimus-black-and-optimus-2x/

  6. Android is the way to the future! I've been looking for one as well. I'm just a bit afraid if I can adapt as quickly with a pure touch interface :)

  7. Wow...LG optimus 2x looks awesome....I should keep this on my wishlist for Christmas
    or I might get lucky and win 1 , too ! =)

  8. WOw nice gadget! I do hope LG would launch a contest with this genius phone as prize ;-)

  9. parehas tayo sis...we have so many things to do and genius phones will definitely make things easier for us.

  10. would like to have this phone too! This is a must mobile phone for a busy mom and blogger like us. :)

  11. wow, this is such a cool gadget, i guess every mom in town can use one :D

  12. wow! I like din sis! may pink ba nyan? hihi

  13. I want this phone too kasi marami tayong magagawa with the help of this awesome phone! :)


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