Fire Suites for Winter

Sunday, July 24, 2011

I wished to experience winter with all those lovely snow flakes coming from the sky.  I dream that i can go to a place where i can just play with them and make my own snowman.  It's a child wish but truthfully, i really wish we have snow here but that is one thing that would never happened and if it does, that would be very alarming and considered as great deal of climate change. 

Winter has it's good and not so good points, snow can also pile up and can trap many people  and the freezing can even make your body frozen to death. That is why many houses in those countries who experience snow has their own fire suites. So, they would not feel the very cold ambiance and maintain the heat inside their home. 

I think that would be cozy and a lot of fun too, sharing a cup of chocolate drink infront of a  fire suite while chatting with your family would be a great bonding experience or a Christmas tree beside it with full of gifts, it's really a lovely thought and i wished i can experience it someday.  Although hubby has no plans to settle for long in other country, a short travel would be a great. 

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