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Monday, July 11, 2011

Because of the many changes in our life, technology and gadgets are also changing day by day.  I remember when I was in elementary days we used to watch movies on the covered court using an LCD projector.  But one day while watching the movie of Superman , i remember that the lcd project bulbs suddenly break and it takes a while to have it replaced. 

Watching movies and televisions are one of my favorite past time and yesterday, we watch the new Korean drama 49 days.  Ooh, i think it would be nice to watch it on the big screen. This tv film makes me cry so hard that my eyes are still black and my heart are still aching.  It's a nice show although it makes me feel very much lonely, it's a tragedy although if you will think in a brighter side, there is a good lesson for everything that happens in our life. 


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