Pay day loans

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Loans are something I can't avoid especially of the situations we are currently undergoing and payday advance loans is what we used to avail to help us.  I know having loans will just make my head aches even more but honestly, I don't know what else i can do and that feeling of nothing you can do is really heart breaking for me. 

Sometimes, i wish i have a family that I can rely not because i wanted to borrow from them but just having them to ease my problems, financially and emotionally would be enough.  There are times, i wished someone will give me comforting words but i guess , I should just be contented on what I have now and not ask for some things that is impossible to happen.  Atleast the only consolation i had in my life is the fact that i have lovely children that ease my pain and makes my heart smiles amidst the trials in my life and a husband that understand me more than i understand myself. 


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