Movie Drama Addict

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

This is another blog of mine that shares my love for movies. I won the domain at Gagay MD recent giveaway and I thought this would be nice to start blogging my collections of korean drama movies.  

It's an addiction that I could not get over.  I just so love them. If you have time, do visit my site, although there is not much post on it considering the over busy time i have but once in a while, i wanted to share to everyone my ideas and thoughts and of course my addiction on movies. 

Again, special thanks to Gagay!


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  1. congrats for winning a domain and for that wonderful blog!

    Anyways, maybe you like to check out my mini-giveaway and join!

  2. Addict! LoL. But that word also applies to me. I'm addicted to a couple of teleseryes myself. And there's also one American soap I've been following for year now. It's hilariously pretentious but I'm so hooked. :D Thanks for coming to the Colorful Weekend party! :D


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