Bringing back the life

Friday, September 02, 2011

I'm thinking on how i can revive this blog to make it more lovelier and livelier.  I'm really sad that the rank of this blog drops and my readers are not as active as before.  I know it's my fault and i was not able to blog much and update this site.  Sometimes, i felt that i'm losing my main purpose why i created this in the first place. 

Yes, this site was still hosted in blogger and for some reason even my other fellow bloggers are already transferring their blogs to self hosted blogs , i kept this blog for some personal and sentimental reason. 

Honestly, i never thought that i would make this far.  My initial thought is i would just one to blog to share my daily musings but then one blog becomes two , three, four and so on and now, because i still have to attend to some other important matters.  

I hope i can do more and i have the time to make quality posts.  I do hope you can also visit me once in a while. 

i miss you all :)


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