Ache so much ache

Monday, October 03, 2011

Thinking how to solve my problems are just more than enough to bear.  Sometimes, i thought I could not move on but i stop and think that I have kids that needs me and rely on me and that's make me go on. 

Feeling bored and empty, did you have that feeling and the thought of thinking where to find a good discount dental supplies for my aching tooth could mean so much.  Now, i just remember that I have the most unforgettable thoughts on this toothache,  when I was pregnant with my first baby, i suffered for months and months of endless tears of coping up with my tooth-ache and I thought that would be over but it is still coming back to me and I think, i need the help of a dentist to overcome this.  I don't want this to mess up with my current emotional instability.


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