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Thursday, October 20, 2011

There’s an old saying that goes like “tell me who your friends are and I will tell you who you are.” But in the fashion world, they have a version of their own: “A woman’s bag tells the world who she is.” Carrying a bag is a must for women. It is the best accessory that holds valuable things for her that reflects her personality – not only in inside the bag but outside. The color and style of the bag would show you who you are so it’s important to know where and when to use each one of them. I will be sharing my most favorite ones that are commonly seen everywhere.

A Baguette bag is a purse that is relatively long from side to side. It is in a rectangular shape that can carry a few things. Since most Baguette bags are formal-looking, it is mostly used in offices and social gatherings that are perfect in carrying only important items such as make-up and wallets.

A Bucket bag is also a purse that can be brought outdoors. As it name indicates, it is shaped like a bucket and is very spacious inside. You can practically throw anything to it and is usually have an open top. Unlike a Baguette bag that you can hang on your shoulder, a Bucket bag is carried as a bucket on its straps.

Clutch bags are those rectangular shaped ones that are usually used together with evening gowns on special events. It is totally stylish and comfortable to bring with. Just be sure to match your clutches with your gowns. If you want a smaller one, then you should try Minaudieres. It is easy to notice them due to the sparkling pieces of stones or beads covering the bag. Minaudieres are not perfect for me since I always loose them.

Lastly, the Hobo bag is one of the classics that I really love. I do believe that all women have it too. It has the crescent shape handles that are carried on the shoulder. It’s perfect for any occasion because of its durability!

Show the people who you are by picking the right bag of your own!



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  1. I love hobo bags too 8)Thanks for the post, need to buy new bags for Christmas.


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