Elf Ideas

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Next month, I will be attending a cosplay at SM Mega mall and I'm so excited to join this event because this would be the first time for me.  Thinking what to wear is something that occupies my mind this days.  I know everyone will be wearing their favorite anime character and even I am a die hard fan of anime, i think, i don't have the guts or the money to create those expensive cosplay costumes that I have seen in the net. 

So, my first option is to be something that is close to my heart, mother earth perhaps but i guess it would be dull and even I know that i might be the only one who will portray that character, i might have the feelings that I don't belong in the crowd.  So, i thought i should choose another character which other cosplayer had been portraying for sometime. And being an elf princess would be nice.  I wish, i have a beautiful body, so i can wear that sexy costume, i have seen in the net but i guess that would just be a fantasy i could create in my dreams. So, for now, i would need  to find a suitable gown, prepare for my make-up, the props I would be using and of course, the other accessories i need to bring during the event.  

So, if you have any elven ideas, i would really love to hear them. 


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