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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Considering my line of work, I have encountered different people and mostly one who are in conflict with law. Recently, we had this one guy who was accused of theft.  Just by the look at him, you will see that he is not in his sound mind and it was confirmed by his mother and the lawyer who is representing him.  There are times, i wonder why these things happen to them, what may be the cause or the root of their problems and sometimes i wish we had the Best rehab centers that can take care of them and help them solve the underlying problems, so they can be a better person and help our society. 

Rehabilitation of this patient would sometime take a deal of effort.  Each patient must be treated differently depends on the problem they were suffering.  I have known violent people who even hurt themselves and others.  I have seen people who just sit in the corner and sometimes do laugh and cry.   People like them needs a lot of patience for them to cope up with their treatments. Rehabilitation plays a vital role on how they can be back in their sound mind but sometimes money is very crucial considering that there are many medicines that is needed to help them.  

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