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Saturday, October 08, 2011

Having a self hosted blog means you have to maintain domain and find a reliable hosting where you can host your site. MangoOrange provides articles that can help individuals looking for web hosting just like the Bluehost review which gives newbie blogger the chance to learn the in and outs of blogging with a self hosted blog.  

When I started blogging, i really have no idea what to do but thanks to some blogger friends who helped me start.  Blogging is a good hobby or pastime, it's a piece on the web were you share your thoughts and inner ideas and sometimes you get the chance to rant which i occasionally does when I am not in the mood and just wanted to let my heart out.  But blogging has it's limitation and of course there is always the sense of respect and the principle of the free press or choose of words.  

I have read many blogs that offers great ideas and insights and I visit them to enhance my knowledge and there is always the word camaraderie and friendship, if someone visit you and leave a comment, you have to reciprocate the effort, it's the word, give and take. 

So, what makes a good blog for you? Is it the contents or the graphics? If you ask yourself, does this blog help me in some form of way, does it encourage me or does it makes me laugh or make me cry?  Does it influence me or you never failed to visit or even just take a peek, if you answer yes in even one of these questions and then you can say that this blog is good. 

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