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Tuesday, November 08, 2011

When I started blogging, i never had the idea of what is a blog all about. But eventually and with some help of other blogger, i have learned the basic and now i have been passionately blogging my thoughts and ideas. But blogging is different from being a SEO master or a coder or a php expert or a Virtual Assistant.  Of all, Virtual Assistant is the one I know i am more capable to be. 

Ever heard the word, Virtual Assistant or maybe a freelancer. This type of works are now in demand all over the net and many US and Europe Based companies are into outsourcing. Who does not want to earn money in the comfort of your own home? I am certain that you wanted to be as successful just like Nica of  The Virtual Assistant, a certified Virtual Assistant on her own right.  I have many bloggers friend who are also a Virtual Assistant or those who took jobs from Odesk. (but too sad, I could not find a job from there)

Many Virtual Assistants earn a lot of money from their work, i have heard some are paid hundred of dollars for a month's work but honestly, I am not looking for that big shot but a work that i will be happy and contented and something that I can cope up with the demands of time considering that I am an employee, a mother, a blogger and a part-time worrier. 

But first, let us define Virtual Assistant:

A virtual assistant is someone who is self employed that provides professional, administrative, technical or social assistance to client. VA are individual contracts rather than a regular employee.

For a mom of two like me and had a morning full time work, being a Virtual Assistant is the perfect chance to earn additional income for our family. Afterall, it's the main reason why I am working hard and a career online would be a perfect fit for me. 

Reading the benefits of being a Virtual Assistant makes me wonder if I could cope up the demands of it or am I qualified to become one.  To become an effective Virtual Assistant, I need to know the basic things about the social internet and of course, i need the gadgets in preparation for online work and these are; 

      A computer
      A speaker 
      A mic and ear phone
I am determined to be a good VA and I bet with the right guidance and perseverance.  I know I can be one.  

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  1. Hi Ria! You've got the basics right! You do need the hardware (computer, speaker, headset) and the skills. And you've got plenty of skills.

    You know, it is my opinion that Pinay mommy bloggers make the best Wordpress VAs because they have the skills already. You know Wordpress and you can write! That can be your specialization already!

    I think in order to get a job, you just need to pimp your resume a bit more or present it in way that highlights the skills you already have.

    Tip: You can find work in craigslist!Perhps this post of mine will help you get started on this:


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