Dealing with Pain and loss

Monday, November 21, 2011

Dealing with the loss of a love one is sometimes difficult, especially if you have been missing him for quite sometime. When my own brother died when I was 9, i did not felt much pain because the bond that ties us is not that strong, because we were separated since i was months old but thinking the hope of having a real brother was the major blow. When, I lost my grand mother, the one who reared and take care of me when i was in high school, the pain is not that much considering that my life is still well at that time but when reality strikes me, my life changes and I need to work on my own to earn for my own living and to keep my studies. It was hard for a young teen age girl to learn how to live on her own but I got over it and I was able to finish my schooling and had my own family as well.

Coping with the loss, of having two miscarriages, i thought would be the worst days of my life but I was able to dealt with it and even though there is always the scary dreams and the pain lingering in your heart, I was able to find the good things out of it and my life continues.

When my father died three years ago, i thought, I could not cope up with it.  I asked God, why the one i love would always left and abandon me for good and I was in total shock for quite sometime but God gave me an answer, and she gave my daughter at the time I was lost, maybe to lessen the pain of losing my father and to bring back the joy in my heart. 

Now, that my grand father died, i could feel the pain of my mother.  Although, i was not able to be with him and with her, the short time, I spent with him give me sadness.  I know that he is not a perfect person but i always see him as a good man and perhaps, he would be a great grand father to me, if he was given a chance but the distance between us  , did not permit him to do so.

So, i bid him farewell, goodbye and I hope his soul will rest in peace on the arms of our Good Lord.  


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