Incidental Assistance

Monday, November 28, 2011

Thinking of things to do, wondering of what have been, dreaming in a world that was not mine.  Those are thoughts that keeps on lingering in my mind this days.  Walking on a long walk, on a deserted place, nowhere to go and giving up things I wanted to have.

But sometimes, accident still do happen and it's good if you have a roadside assistance plan that can help you if any fortuitous event will happen.  While going down on a jitney ride, the driver just did not stop thus twisted my ankle.  It was painful for days and i realized that accident do happen unexpectedly and sometimes, even if you wanted to be safe and away from any harm, if things goes badly, you have no hand to stop it. 

I hope things will go well but it seems that i need a big heart and a strong mind. 


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