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Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Having away for a period of days.  I miss cuddling my babies and laughing and making exchange words with them. But it is also a good way to unwind and clear my minds for all the problem my life is experiencing. 

I remember before going to Quezon, i went at our nearby mall and look for a new over wrapped that I can be used to cover my big arms and on one of the store, their barcode scanners keep on alarming when i went inside. I don't know what caused the alarm.  They said that it is possible that i still have a barcode on a new perfume or book but i have not bought either of that.  It was so distracting and everyone is looking at me when i went inside the store but knowing i have not done anything wrong and there is nothing i should explain of.  I still went inside the store and look for what i need. 

It was three stores before I finally find what I am looking for and just imagine that. I guess, stores should be cautious too, removing the bar code of what you have bought from them, so it will not cause any scandals on the part of the buyer or customer. 


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