Visiting Pitogo Quezon

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Things maybe a little rough for me now but I get a chance to have a holiday from work and family.  I was lucky that hubby allow me to join other Pinoy Bloggers for a three day weekend festival at the Bondoc Peninsula, Quezon.  

Pinoy Bloggers join
BonPen Festival  (pictures by JohnKarlo)

This year BonPen Festival was held at Pitogo and Unisan Quezon, two towns from out of the twelve towns where the Bondoc Peninsula was located.  Pitogo, Quezon is a coastal municipality, although going there will possibly consume hours of travel, you will not be having problems having a rough roads. 

There is no market or talipapa in both towns but they have a fish port wherein you can buy fresh fish and a fair are usually held every Wednesday near the municipal hall enable residents to buy fresh vegetables and other goods coming from Gumaca or Lucena.  There are no local restaurants nor big stores but they have what they called "siyete onse" their version of 7-11 which was open till 3:00 A.M.  Foods are great and their pandesal is really tasty. 

Because there is no market, foods can be bought from local stores or people selling from one house to another. Just like other provinces and municipalities, people knows everyone thus I bet gossip will be easy to spread. But their local are very friendly and this festival is just a proof of it because of their hospitality and camaraderie. 

To go to Pitogo Quezon, you have the options to travel coming from Lucena or from Gumaca.  Since, i come all the way from Naga City, Camarines Sur, my drop point is Gumaca, Quezon.  Just make sure you will be at the terminal of Pitogo before the sun drops or else, you will be having a hard time finding a ride.  A Php. 35.00 fare or a less than a dollar is what you need for a Gumaca to Pitogo ride.  

You will never get lost around the town but if you do, there are many locals who will be willing to answer your request for help.  Because their municipal has no wide tourism, no hotels or transient house could be found, so if you are going here for the first time, you need a local friend where you can stay for the night. 

Just look at how old is the church but I guess i don't have any goosebumps going on the top of it.  I usually hate going at dark or spooky places but with other blogg perfect affair but it was surely a fun-filled events and it turned out well because of the help of everyone.  I am looking forward on my next visit on this beautiful place. 

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