Christmas won't be the same without you

Friday, December 23, 2011

If i could sing a love song, i would definitely be singing a beautiful melody and thank the Lord for giving me wonderful days despite the gloom but i'm not a singer or even had a beautiful voice so instead, I would just write a nice poem for you, to tell you the glorious days i had with you.  

 Now, I learned that Christmas won't be the same without you nor it wouldn't be this happier if i don't have you.  You read it right, it's a familiar verse on some of the famous songs that I used to sing, yes I sing but never in a crowd of people but if you will push me, i might sing one for you but please don't mind if the sky cries and pour rains on you. 

Life is indeed short, laugh and enjoy every second, feel it's beauty and eat, don't mind that bulging stomach. After all, there are many weight loss pills that work and will perfectly help you remove that excess fats.  

Christmas is indeed a beautiful day to reminisce the beauty of life, there maybe many rocks along the way but learning to pick up the fallen debris can make you stronger. 

Have a Wonderful Christmas to all of you! 


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