Personalized Coins

Sunday, December 04, 2011

For a coin collector, the greatest collection he could ever had is a coin of himself.  It would be fabulous and something worth keeping but i guess personalized coins would just be a fancy thing but someone like a collector would appreciate. 

Coin collecting is just like collecting stamps and postcards but coins can be expensive too.  The more older it was, the more expensive it will be.   I am happy to have a few old coins for my collection which my grand mother have given me but it would be a great idea to know that i can have my own coin personalized.  

I guess personalized things are really in this days and coin is no exception at all.  I believe, this things are great for gifts and giveaway.  Maybe, i can create an insignia of My Green Living Ideas, that would be a perfect gift for Christmas, don't you think?  


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