What's your thought on Chief Justice Renato Corona's Impeachment?

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Somehow this topic is the most popular one this days and as much as we don't want to partake on this political problems, our country and the people are the one suffering from it. It is not that I want to keep my silence or just want to be neutral, the only thought I have is the feelings deep in my head that there are many people who  still don't know what's happening in our country.  

Our government and judiciary is facing a great deal of pressure and if this continue it will definitely affect our economy and the lives of many people who really don't understand the truth of the matter. 

I am no laywer, that is why, I am not very knowledgeable in terms of the law but one thing is for sure for me, this topic is very alarming and we all hope and wish that it will be better soon.  

So, what are your thoughts, share them now!  Be involved.  voice out , you have the power to do so.


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