Bunk Beds for the Kids

Monday, February 13, 2012

After several thoughts on what would be the best bed we could have for the kids room, we thought that bunk beds are most suitable for them. Considering that we are talking about a small room here, we need to maximize the place and create an atmosphere that is also suitable for children. 

After hubby painted the room, the next thing we need to plan is picking the bed. For a place that has only a considerable space, you need to think of options that can mutually benefit your kids as well as would not sacrifice your budget.  Bunk beds are great space saver and you can even choose to personalized them by painting them on what style you would like your children to have or you can buy online on whatever choice you would like.   It can also create bonding moment between your children who would share the room.  

Although, I can see one problem on it and that is if your children is still small and she might fall on the ladder while climbing up or getting down.  There is also a possibility that each of them wanted the top bed nor the bottom one but of course, this is all depends on how you will talk with them. 

Many parents are now choosing bunk beds for their children because its practical and convenient and the possibility are endless and of course it saves you money and space. 


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  1. This is cute, i hope you also have a picture of how it look inside.


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