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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Why do you blog?  Is it just out of passion or you have heard the popularity of some bloggers who have earned thousand of dollars through blogging? 

At first, i started blogging out of passion, i just wanted to have an outlet of what i have in my mind and my heart.  Sometimes, you can see me ranting and even cursing when i really hate something.  This blog is actually my first blog and it was then a free hosting from blogspot.  I started it because i wanted to join a blogger contest which i unfortunately, i didn't win. But because i am a certified contest junkie, i joined other giveaway and luckily won that time and this domain name was the result of that winning. 

I thought blogging is just about ranting or joining giveaways but when a fellow blogger friend told me that i could monetize, that's what they called about it, she told me that she will teach me on How To Make Money through my blog and that's the story on how it all started. 

I have a fellow blogger friend who bought a car,  a new Iphone and a fellow full time blogger who help her family out of the money she earns from blogging. 

But earning money online is not an easy task if you don't know the right procedure or companies that will eventually buy ads on your blog.  Afterall, bloggers earns through the ads that was posted on their site. Honestly, i don't earn much on blogging but the amount i get from it help me and my family in one way or another. 
it is not much but where else could i get this amount? 

There are days that i don't have the will to blog and i am in mental block that i just want to give up blogging. But, it's been three years and i still keep this blog even all the other bloggers is now using another platform, i still keep this site for some reason.  

But, i am open for possibilities, just the saying goes, when you open the door, lots of different opportunity comes knocking and i hope as i open this door, opportunities will eventually knock not just in this blog but in my real world and who knows someone would eventually share their secrets on earning thousand of dollars through blogging.


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