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Thursday, February 09, 2012

With the different news in the net about insurance company who was not able to pay  claims from their plan holders was somehow alarming. I have always high belief in insurance because my grand mother was once an underwriter and she had earned her living dealing with insurances and plans.  I remember, she always told me to save up for the future and think of the benefits I could get if i have one.  

Thinking of all the good benefits you will never had second thought of getting a health insurance and East Coast Health Insurance is just one of the many insurance company who provide services for their consumers without thinking much on high would they income be.  Health providers had been in the business for years and it's quite good to know that they have been able to help many people if in case there would be some emergency health problems in your family.  

I have always wanted to have a health insurance, i remember my doctor is even the one who suggested to me that I should get one if i wanted to pursue with the operation.  It would be a great help for me but honestly, there are lots of important things i needed to pay and i could not afford it this time. 

But if there would be an instances that i needed to get, i would surely choose someone I can trust just like East Coast Health insurance which provides affordable plans. 


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