Room to Grow

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Each of us has high and low times and in time of those sad days, we need to keep up our hopes that there would be brighter and better days.  Learning the virtue of patience and perseverance is what I have always wanted to achieve and yes, I'm  not totally good at it.  
I have been thinking of many things but I need to make it slow considering that i just had head aches and flu the fast two days.  

My body is still recuperating from that sickness but my mind and emotions still needs to be put at ease.  With all the disasters that are happening in our country, we could not help but ask ourselves, what can we do in times of this crisis. We already had our fair share of emotional , financial, family and social problems and this wrath of disaster is somehow alarming and truly heart breaking. Cagayan De Oro and Iligan are still yet to heal the wounds from loss and painful memories and yet another tragedy befall us.    

I do hope that all the victims have a comforting arms to keep them sane in this time of problems and weakness.  May they found the courage to face this difficult times.  There is always room to grow and I know we can be able to pass this problems and we will emerge victorious. 

What we need is a strong heart to make it through. Keep Believing! 

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