Virus - Be gone

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Who would want to deal with virus and malware, it is too troublesome and gave me headache that is why as much as possible i gave my trust on antivirus and i just don't rely on the free version that can be downloaded in the internet.  I have to make sure that my computer is protected from any malware or viruses that can be found in the internet.  

But sometimes, i wish my blog could also handle all the viruses and malware attacks that comes but unfortunately, some of them was favorite of hackers and spammers and I am still clueless on what I should do to avoid them.  

I have tried some tips that was given from other sites on how i can safeguard my site but still the hackers and spammers always come back and attack my blog.   Now, i am thinking of learning the right procedure and better ways on how to make my sites strong and not susceptible to the viruses or injectable malware that pestering me.   

I hope this will come to end as i don't want to totally close that blogs and gave in to their desires.  Sometimes, i planned to just gave it up but i don't want to end up like a sorry loser.  I know, i can find a way to protect those sites more and with the help of my host, i know we could bit them up in the end.

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