Avoiding Negligent Drivers

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

There are many dangers associated with driving. A lot of things influence the safety of driving or being driven to the places we commonly travel to. Weather changes can create dangerous roads and visibility issues, heavy traffic can increase the chances of accidents and injury, and above all reckless drivers can cause dangerous road ways at just about any time. This is why it is important to understand what to avoid while driving.

It would seem that negligent drivers make up at least half of all drivers who are out there. But what makes a driver negligent? There are a few common answers to that question. First and foremost are intoxicated drivers and sleep deprived drivers. Drivers who are tiered and/or intoxicated are 707 times more likely to get into a fatal car accident than that of a sober driver, according to the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety. The next biggest cause of negligent driving is distracted drivers. People who use the phone while driving, read, write, check their hair or make-up, or taking their hands off the wheel to talk to passengers in the car. 

So the question then becomes "how do we avoid negligent drivers when a lot of people are negligent? First of all, travel at a time where there is less traffic. Leaving a half hour or hour late or early can help you avoid rush-hour traffic and cut your chance of running into someone who isn't being safe. Try taking a road less traveled, as most people take the main roads to get places because it can be faster, or because there are less inconveniences on that particular route. Take a state road which might not be the fastest way, but it will probably be less traveled on. 

Avoid being a negligent driver yourself. This is one of the biggest solutions to many accidents. Many of the people who end up in accidents have shared responsibility. If you are more aware of your surroundings you will be able to better pay attention to those who are not acting responsibly. Accidents can still occur, so it is a good idea to hold the people responsible for their behavior by contacting a good lawyer. This will make sure that you are compensated for any damage or injury you sustain during an accident. Holding people who are responsible for their actions is the best method of teaching, and it might help them to teach others to act responsibly as well.  


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