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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Life can be difficult sometime.  Yesterday, I was walking around the city and saw a couple of people selling some goods beside the road when a commotion happens.  The vendors hurriedly clearing their previous position with their goods on their bags.  A local authority is coming to confiscate the goods they were selling and if the vendors are eventually caught, they need to pay a fine. 

This is not an unusual episode.  You can see such re-enactment of this event everyday and in many cities in the country. Sometimes, you can say that life is difficult and unfair but that's life and we need to work out hard so our life would improve. 

Unreasonable you might think but that's how the law works. If we don't value the law and just let this pass, everybody would think that it's okay to violate it. It's really hard to see people who are trying their best to work for a living and suddenly an authority would confiscate their goods.  It's a heart breaking to see but if the authority would just let this pass, worst things would come eventually. 

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