Looking Back- Memories of yesterday

Friday, March 30, 2012

Looking back on the past event of my life, I could never believe that I would be as big as now.  It never occurred in my mind that one day, i would be having problems of getting back into shape.   

I have been so petite in my childhood days.  Even when i was in college, just one push and i might be tumbling over the floor. Sometimes, i still could not believe what i see in the mirror.  I told myself that this was just a dream and later when i wake up, i would be back on my old shape and to catch my breath without the thought of something. 

Just like pink, i never thought that I would like it.  I'm the opposite of what i am today but maybe their is something remain but to summarize it all, things do really changed.  I am more matured and ready to face just anything.  http://www.pinkthoughts.com/

My life had been through ups and down and sometimes, i just don't want to carry on but when i look at the people who rely on me, i just forget the pain inside me and tell the people that i am okay. 

Sharing this with Pink Friday - BPC


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  1. That's just how life is, sometimes in great shape, other times in bad shape. Just always remember you're so bless in many ways. Hope to see you again.

  2. LIFE is mysterious Sis and glad you found things opposites you that are interesting :-) Dropping by for BPC.


  3. i couldn't believe i am as big as i am now too...i was used to be called a walis-tingting. hay, losing weight is so hard for me

    visiting from BPC and PF

  4. you still look great ri, i know in time with proper diet of course, you'll achieve the body that you once have before..
    visiting you ri via BPC#90..
    here's my post:

  5. Life has its ups and downs, its frustrations and happy bliss. The most important thing is-- we stand up back and face tomorrow's challenges! :)

    BPC hop!

  6. You're not alone..Me, too:(

    Visiting for the challenge- hope you can stop by:)


  7. Like your sweet smile, mommy:)

    Visiting for PF- hope you can stop by:)


  8. likewise sis...I'm very skinny back then...ngayon para na akong balyena...you look good though!

    thanks for joining BPC!

  9. its not easy talaga to lose weight. i gain 15 pounds after i bare a child. thank God after 2 years of trying.. im finally back to my old self. im sure u can do it sis. uve got to do it if u want to be like u used to be.

    from BPC

  10. you're not as big as me.. Sexy pa din!! and besides, being sexy is a matter of an attitude! ;)

    From Pink Fridays!

  11. Love the pink bag Sis :-) no worries Sis I used to weight 88 lbs when I first came in America now I weigh 117 lbs :-( Dropping by from PF.



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