Best Father's Day Gift Ideas

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Even though Mother's day is not yet over, a lot of moms have been thinking of a nice fathers day gifts for their husband. Sometimes, finding one for them is much harder than finding gift for our mother or fellow girl friend.  Boys can be sometimes very choosy, believe me, i know that feeling of buying something and will just receive a negative note from it. 

starbucks coffee

If only my father is still alive, i would definitely fulfill his wish of giving him a coffee maker and a set of this starbucks ground coffee for him to enjoy each morning.  Now, i missed him.  Each father's day, i always gave him a small gift and when i don't have any money, i would make a nice father's day card out of my recycled card boards, even it was very simple, the words coming from it is the one that he truly treasures.  

Make your father, husband happy this father's day, gave him a nice gift that he would surely love. It doesn't matter if it was not that grand, what matters is the thought and the sincerity. 

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  1. This is a great gift idea, and very fitting since my husband is a coffee addict. This would definitely satisfy his caffeine fix. Thanks for sharing! ;)


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