Miracle do works

Monday, April 16, 2012

Looking at the screen.  Thinking how this miracle works.  You could imagine how much would be the excitement to see such a beautiful creature was formed from such a tiny cell. And the mother smiles, saying that she would do anything to take care of the child and she did. And the nine long months came to end and she held the baby in her hand and her whole world come to an end because the father would eventually deny the fact that the baby was his.  This story is not a fiction or can only be found on movies and books, it actually does.  Good thing because there is already a  paternity test at DNACenter.com  that will eventually solve their problem. At just one test, it could reveal the truth behind every question but the   most difficult part of it is to move on. 

I hope this would just be another story to tell but if this happens to you, don't worry, this is not the worst scenario.  

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