Music and Me

Monday, April 16, 2012

What would you do if you owned a Peavey Guitars?  I would probably sing all day and night and take the advantage of learning so much how to play the guitars.  I'm happy to know that my family loves to play the guitars. But i'm not. So, it was quite sad. 

I remember the time, i was able to do so but i could not think clearly and even someone is teaching me how to play the guitar my hands are just too hard to play. I guess the music thing is not just really for me.  I lack the talent and my ears are not inclined too.  As much as i wanted to learn , i think it would be too old for me to begin that now.  But my kids, especially Peachy would be totally excited if she learns how to play the guitar.  She have been playing with her toy guitar for a time i could not count and learning the real guitar would make her so much happy.  I wish we can have the money for her to enroll on a music class. 

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