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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Facebook is one of the leading popular social media today. But if your looking for something that is exclusively designed for work-related purposes, Bitrix24, is definitely your looking for. It's facebook-like application just like other popular social media sites has been created for one sole purpose, for your business to succeed. If you have a business, whether it was small or big enable for it to survive in this cutting throat industry and where innovators are vying to emerge on top, it's very imperative that communication must never be broken. Bitrix24 is a cloud-based social intranet that allows companies to stay in touch with team members in a convenient, fun and engaging way. There is no need for an installation and the application can be used anywhere as long as you have an internet connection. The good thing, you can also used it on your mobile devices and it's free for companies with 12 employees or less that means a big saving for small companies.

Features and Functionalities

 Internet Social Network For a company to be great, the potential of it's people and the one that belongs in it must be unleash through constant employee engagement and communication because it is one of the important factor for a company or any organization to be successful. With the use of Bitrix24, employees can discuss developments and correct possible mistakes before it escalate into full-blown catastrophes. With Bitrix24, employees can build engaging relationships and communication lines are kept open for 24/7.
One-Stop Workstation Keeping several different passwords for different applications, updating different worksheets and and with all the tools used by employees to utilize, reports and generation takes much longer than expected. Because of this practice employee requires to log more hours which results for inefficiency and lost of precious time. Bitrix 24 replaces all of this separate tools that employee used for correspondence, contacts, projects, tasks and everything. With it's single platform , all the information you have at the end of the day is already right at your fingertips.


CRM, or customer relationship management is a tool that allows businesses to manage interactions with customers, agents, sales prospects, business clients or other contacts. Without CRM or the efficient usage of it, most businesses end up finding a natural death or it's doomed. With Bitrix24's CRM functionality, interaction, contact history and new events such as messages, meetings or phone calls are stored, managed and logged efficiently. 

Sales Funnel

Sales funnel, refers to a sales process which is a functionality that serves as graphical representation of the performance of transactions and stages it belongs which Bitrix24 is capable of. And because of this graphical, data interpretation is easier that the usual old process you have.

Security Cloud-based data storage is becoming the trend of this new generation but people think and have certain doubts about storing, disseminating and managing sensitive data through the cloud might not be safe enough and oftentimes, the question of "Does it really work?" lingers in their minds. With Bitrix24, they employ a seven-layer security system that is unparalleled in the industry today which even unsecured connections such as public Wi-Fi, e-mail and data access is as safe as access on a secure server. Safety, convenience, efficiency and affordability is what we always look for a product and with Bitrix24, you can found all what your looking for. If my word is not convincing enough, better head on to their site and see for yourself what i'm talking about. Don't missed a great opportunity for your business to grow and when it grows, don't forget that I have told you so.

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  1. Customer service plan will help increase the chances of your business being a success.

    Carla @ Small Business CRM


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