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Monday, June 18, 2012

I have been wanting to write, staring in front of the monitor for a while and suddenly my mind went blank, not knowing were to begin and how to write my thoughts. 

It's been a week that I have been feeling lazy, my body keeps on moving like a race horse who needs to got to the finish line but my mind is just focus on one goal and that is to finished the tasks i have in hand.  Working in the morning, taking care of the kids and eventually filling even a single page on my site.  It's a good feeling that after almost a month, we have eventually found a house help and i just hope that this one could last. 

Although my mind is filled with different things and ideas which I wanted to write but my body especially my hand is just too tired.   I used to be a working student, working in the morning and studying at night but I guess things are more different right now and given the fact that I am not getting any younger. I have already abused myself when i am still a student and in my prime age who hopes to fulfill her dreams juggling work and studies to finish something and earned a degree but now, things are still the same although there maybe slight differences because before, I used to do all this things just for myself but now, i need to double time and work extra harder not just for me but for our two kids.  

So, if i stop, my life would eventually change.  So, as much as I wanted to just stop and be free of all of this, i don't see any point of doing so for now. I believe that this is not the time to stop and be wary of the things you know might not eventually happen .  What I need to keep in mind is the fact that I am now a wife and a mother and i need to believe in myself more than anyone.   


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