Frantic over Helmet and ICC

Thursday, July 26, 2012

With the implementation of the Republic Act (RA) 10054 or the Mandatory Helmet Act of 2010 specifically implementing all motorcycle rider and their back rider to wear only authorized helmet with ICC tag from the DTI, many motorcycle users are going frantic and have to wait in line in the office of the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) to get their own ICC stickers for their motorcycle.  

The Motorcycle Helmet act was signed into law on March 23, 2010 , which says; 
  • All motorcycle riders, including drivers and back riders, are required to wear standard protective motorcycle helmets at all times while driving, whether long or short drives, in any type of road and highway.  Standard protective motorcycle helmets are appropriate types of helmets for motorcycle riders that comply with the specifications issued by the Department of   Trade and Industry (DTI).
  • Any person caught not wearing the standard protective motorcycle helmet will be punished with a fine of P1,500.00 for the first offense, P3,000.00 for the second offense, P5,000.00 for the third offense, and P10,000.00 plus confiscation of the driver’s license for the fourth and succeeding offenses.
  • Tricycle drivers are exempted from complying with the mandatory wearing of motorcycle helmets.
  • Every seller and/or dealer should make available, every time a new motorcycle unit is purchased, a new motorcycle helmet that bears the Philippine Standard (PS) mark or Import Commodity Clearance (ICC) of the Bureau of Product Standards (BPS) and complies with the standards set by the BPS, which the purchaser may buy at his option.  Any seller and/or dealer who violates this requirement will be punished with a fine of not less than P10,000.00 but not more than P20,000.00.
  • All manufacturers and importers of standard protective motorcycle helmets are required to secure a PS license or ICC prior to the sale and distribution of their products.  Upon the effectivity of R.A. 10054, only those standard protective motorcycle helmets bearing the PS or ICC mark shall be sold in the market.
  • The DTI, through the BPS, shall conduct a mandatory testing of all manufactured and imported motorcycle helmets in the Philippines.  The BPS shall periodically issue a list of motorcycle helmet manufacturers and importers and the brands which pass the standards of the BPS, to be published in a newspaper of general circulation or in its website.
  • Any person who uses, sells and distributes substandard motorcycle helmets or those which do not bear the PS mark or the ICC certificate will be punished with a fine of not less than P3,000.00 for the first offense, and P5,000.00 for the second offense, without prejudice to other penalties under Republic Act No. 7394 or the “Consumer Act of the Philippines.”
  • Tampering, alteration, forgery and imitation of the PS mark and the ICC certificates in the helmets will be punished with a fine of not less than P10,000.00 but not more than P20,000.00, without prejudice to other penalties imposed in Republic Act No. 7394 or the“Consumer Act of the Philippines.”
Authorities said that this law will strictly going to be implemented on August 1, 2012 and we still haven't acquired the necessary stickers.  Everyday the DTI Regional Office in our place is always flooded with people who are hoping that their helmet could pass and that they will be given the ICC sticker but some helmets are not able to pass the inspection.  

Even if your helmet is new but missing some identification of its manufacturer, there is a great risk that it will be disqualified.  I have just bought my helmet last year but i guess, it will not pass even if it looks okay because the right side of my plastic visor is broken.  So, i guess, we don't have any much choice but to buy a new one with an ICC sticker. 

But the big problem now lies,  with this recent developments, many motorcycle owner are buying new helmets as to avoid any possible fine/punishment.  We have been to different motorcycle shops but their helmets are already out of stocks and many are still waiting for the new stocks.  So, we will try our luck tomorrow. 

Many people have been questioning of the sudden implementation and with the amount of the new helmet, (approximately Php. 1,500 per helmet, that only means almost Php. 3,000 for two if you have a back rider)  i guess, not all motorcycle owner can afford it.  

But, looking at the brighter side, with this new act, i know that it can greatly help motorcycle riders because you can be assured that the helmet your using is certified by the right authorities and let us remember that wearing helmet is a very important matter not just on obeying the law but to safeguard our safety and our life in case an accident occurs. 


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  1. Why not the DTI Go a round and check the store for fast action.. Just made an adds not to buy a helmet without ICC Sticker.. to avoid the sub-standard helmet on the street. Just like my helmet no name but it is made from fiber glass..

  2. Dapat po yata kung matagal na yang batas na yan. ano ginawa ng MMDA halos araw araw sila sa kalsada. They can approach naman the driver and remind pero wala. Gusto nga nila walang alam ang mga drivers para mas marami silang mahuhuli at makokotongan.( Sorry for the words). AKo nga 20 years na akong nagmomotor, pero kahapon ko lang nalaman yan July 26,2012 ko lang nalaman na may ganyang batas.. office bahay lang ako, ang helmet ko fiber glass.. pero walang visor but i have a protective eyeglass which is P3,500 when I bought it..di kasi ako comportable pag may visor hirap mag breath

  3. kahit anong klase ng helmet at kahit anong mahal, kung oras mo ka pa rin.bakit wala sa listahan nyo ang BELL HELMETS at LASER MX. YAN ANG GAMIT KONG HELMET, I BEEB USING MY HELMETS FOR 23 YRS. SO WALA NG ICC STEAKERS AT REPAINTED NA KAKULAY NG MOTOCYCLE KO.and why so sudden ang implementation, matagal na pala bakit ngayon nyo lang pinalabas. i been a rider for many long yrs. bago kayo mag-issue ng walang mga ganyan noon. ngayon 2011 ngumpisa ang maraming laws for riders. alam nyo mga sir, the best na magagawa nyo ay bago kayo mag-issue ng drivers licence siguraduhin nyo muna na talagang marunong mag-drive.dito nga sa cavite maraming nag-mamaneho ng motor na walang licence and di sila napapansin ng mga law enforcers. kahit may check point umiiwas na lang sila pagnakita nila. and why are you promoting INDEX Helmets, eh yan ang madali mabasag. i have one INDEX helmet before na may quality stickers from china, AKSIDENTENG NALAGLAG basag agad. i hope this comment of mine can help others about this implementation of our phil.govt, sana sinabi na rin yan sa sona, ng nalaman sa buong pilipinas ang bagong batas..WHAT WILL BE THE NEXT NEW LAW FOR RIDERS....KAWAWA NAMAN KAMI.

  4. what ever helmet you are using will not help you expensive or cheap, original or made in china,if its your time helmets cannot save you. this new law implementation ay bakit biglaan. matagal na pala eto bakit ngayon lang nagkaroon ng announcement.bakit wala sa list ng helmets ang BELL HELMETS and LASER MX, because this are my helmets that i've been using for almost 23 ko na nga to make it new look. sana ang inuna ng govt.natin ay yung mga nagbebenta sa quiapo, divisoria at yung mga naglalako sa specially the dealers or store of motorcycle who are giving promo free helmets that made of cheap plastic and also why are you promoting INDEX HELMET, kasi bumili ako ng ganyan dahil maganda ang design with icc/ps stickers....aksidente nalaglag aba BASAG AGAD. same with my freind nahulog sa sahig basag agad. DAPAT MGA SIR FROM LTO,UNAHIN NYO ANG PAGSIGURO NA BAGO KAYO MAG-ISSUE NG LICENCE AY TALAGANG MARURUNONG MAG-DRIVE. HINDI YUNG NABABAYARAN ANG EXAM AT ROAD TEST. OK SANA ANG PAG-IMPLEMENT NG NEW LAW PERO AYUSIN NYO MUNA ANG LAHAT BAGO MAG-IMPLEMENT.I HOPE THIS COMMENT CAN HELP OTHER RIDERS......THANK YOU....FOXTROT27 RIDER


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