It cuts like a knife

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Love hurts, love scars, love wounds, just like the famous lyric lines.  I guess, it is a very natural thing for human to easily fall in love and hurt when everything goes bad.  
 There are many reasons not to fall in love but there are more reasons to be in love after all being in love is one of the most special feeling that we can have in a lifetime. Not all people can have the love that they so desire, some live in pain and misery for finding their one true love and sometimes many people become crazy just to hold on what they believe was their love.  

I have known many people who fight for love and there are some that can cause a family to be broken because of the same reason.  Love is indeed mighty, maybe the same reason why the bible says that with all the virtues of love, hope, faith and courage, "love" is indeed the most important of all and I believe in that.  

You cannot appreciate love if you haven't had the chance to love and lost somebody because in losing, you will know the true value of love for that certain person and when someone hurt you, you become a better person capable to love and receive love. 

Little did they know that a love is not just a commitment of saying that you care for a person but gives a more deeper meaning. So, when you say, you love somebody, think about it again.  Why do you really love that person? 


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