Getting rid of emotional Junks

Saturday, August 25, 2012

If only emotional junks can be sold, i could be a millionaire by now.  I have many of them that i always pray that i can just leave them behind and start anew.  But, i guess, it's really hard to face tomorrow without any closure from your old life. 

I have always wanted to close that chapter of my life but circumstances are coming over and over to make me remember the days of that chapter.  

Depression is just one of those emotional junks that your life don't need but sometimes, instead of getting rid of it, we tend to culture it with indulging our self on eating junk foods or foods that we thought can ease our pain.  

Thinking about it, it is only causing me more bigger problems because i am gaining weight and  makes me feel more depressed.

Emotions are contagious and if we don't deal with it immediately, it can succumb our whole being and can lead us to more pain and anxieties.  Learning and accepting the problem can help us grasp the whole situation.  Acceptance is always the first step on healing. Each of us has flaws, we should not be afraid for others to see that, instead let everybody see that even with our flaws, we are trying to be a better person by our actions and how we dealt with this emotional situation. 


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