Marriage and Bands

Sunday, August 26, 2012

When hubby and I got married, we didn't bought a new ring.  Instead, we used the old silver ring that we bought way back when we are still sweethearts.  After a year, we decided to have a new ring and made an arrangement in our local jewelry maker for a ring  composing our old ring and the ring that my grand mother gave me. 

It was not grand as the men's wedding band featured in the magazine or a nearby mall but we settled for it because of it's significance and value.  But because of the car accident we had a few years back, his ring got lost and we could not retrieve it anymore so we are not using one anymore. 

men's wedding band

If given a chance and if our budget permits, we would like to have a new band.  We already have a design in mind but i guess it would need a considerable amount of money and with our finances at hand, it's the least of our priorities. 


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