Playing it thin

Sunday, August 19, 2012

I don't know if this could be a consolation to me, my daughter saying that i am losing weight but I guess children are really like that, if they wanted to have something, they would usually say sweet words to mommy. 

I have been trying to get fit for some months but I am not very diligent on doing so, that's the same reason when i looked at the weighing scale , instead of good changes, what i would see is the same old weight i still have for several weeks.  I wish, i can shred some weight and this excess fats in my stomach, sides and thighs would just evaporate overnight.  But that is far from reality and I have to face the fact that i need to work harder to achieve the body i wanted. 

getting fit (img from the net)

As long as i still have this driving power to lose weight and be thinner, i know i could make it. I wish to join the Go Green, get fit challenge but i don't know if can do it regularly, so i really have to think it much harder. I wish i can have the answer soon before I get bigger and bigger. 

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