Tag Heuer watches

Thursday, August 02, 2012

I remember the first time that my father brought me to the mall, I was looking at the barbie dolls on the nearby stall and asking him to come with me when my father made a full halt and looked at the beautiful watches.  He has many watches, he was fascinated on having them but his greatest desire is the Tag Heuer watches and since then, every time we went to the mall, he will always stop by at the watch store and look at them. 

I know that he had the capacity to buy them but what he was trying to convey is the fact that he wanted to receive them as a gift from me.  I have made a promise that i will buy him one of those watches when i already have a job but now that i have one, i don't know if i could fulfill that promise, considering the fact that he was no longer there to receive it.  

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