Creating a tutu

Saturday, September 15, 2012

I am not a good dressmaker even though my grand mother and my step mother was very good on this field.  Although, i can make simple sewing and some knowledge on using the sewing machine, i still don't have the knowledge to create one dress or pants. 

I do remember my childhood were i used to sew throw pillows and dresses for my doll.  They seem not properly done and even worst, looking really not good.  But it is always my desire to learn, even my father teaches me some basic things, like sewing our throw pillows, curtains and even my own skirt. But because i am just too hardheaded, i was not able to properly train myself and eventually not doing it all together. 

That's why i envy those moms who creates beautiful dresses for their daughter.  I wish i can have that courage to create one, i am aiming on doing a tutu for my daughter.  Although, it seems easy to make, i still need the steps by steps procedure found on the net to create this tutu. 

And i do wish that it could turn out good, so it will not just a waste of money. When, the time comes that i will make one, i would definitely share them to you. 


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