Farmhouse Sink for Modern Homes

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Thinking about it, this sink is called farm sinks  or apron sink but looking at it, you would definitely say it doesn't look as a sink for farms but with it's contemporary design it fits for most modern houses. 

I have been looking for sinks to replace the old sink that was made by the house developer.  I guess, what we have is something that is more fit to say a make believe sink because it was made out of tiles which color and made i really don't favor. 

Farm sinks has many varieties, you can chose either from copper, fireclay, concrete, stainless steel, bamboo or quarts and ranges from affordable to high end price.  I so love the different designs and the shape.  Although, the size is just appropriate for small kitchen because of it's rectangular shape.  It's easy to clean and fit just appropriately to your kitchen.  Farm sinks are available in different colors and can be bought at Blue bath, an online store that sells different kinds of farm sinks that can satisfy your liking and your needs too. 

I wonder, if i can also find one in a store near us? 

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