Healthy Pita Chips

Monday, September 24, 2012

Being a stay at home moms, there are daily challenges on having the household work, giving your children the best care you can give.  Many would agree that even if your at home, the whole day is not enough to get the things done, that's why it's always good to set a goal to do all the tasks at hand.  

Nonetheless, it doesn't mean that because your too occupied with your daily routine, you would forget the time to take a break once in a while and enjoy a healthy snacks like  stacy's pita chips cinnamon sugar, fresh from pita bread and contains no cholesterol and baked into perfection, such snacks is indeed good for a mom that is always busy with the household work. 

Sometimes, stay at home moms are the one who missed having a good snack because they tend to do all the household works and taking care of the family.  I have heard several mothers comments that work in the house is never finished, after doing something, there's more to begin.  Work will always be there, whether your a stay at home or working mom, it is always important to take care of our self first so we can give more for our family.  Keeping a healthy lifestyle by choosing the right snacks or food is what we always have to keep in mind. 


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  1. I also prefer baked snacks over fried snacks because they're healthy. I'll keep this product in mind on my next trip to the grocery store.

  2. Looks delish! We have our locally made pita chips but they are thicker than these. But they are good, too :D

  3. i must agree, it's a never ending task and I sometimes forgot to have a nutritious snack! I should grab a pack of stacy's pita now!

  4. I haven't tried any chips from pita bread. This one looks yummy and healthy. Hope to buy some this weekend when we do our grocery.

  5. That looks about a good snack to munch on everyday...I haven't tried one though...

  6. Is this available in the Philippines sis? I don't eat chips that much anymore so hindi ko na alam mga bagong chips :)


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