Making your home smell good

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Every house owner wanted to have a beautiful and comfortable home and just like any house with children,  smelling good is something i look forward going after a day's hard work. 

Making your home smell good doesn't need to be expensive. Knowing the right way can help and save you thousands of pesos.   Much of us rely on air fresheners that we  bought in a nearby mall or supermarkets but let's face it, we really don't know what harmful ingredients it contents that can be bad not just for our family's health but to everybody inside the house . 

Having a children inside the house, we must make sure that our kids is breathing good air. and did you know that in the comfort of our home, we have some ingredients that can help us to create an clean ambiance and good smelling home. 

And here are some easy way to make your home smelling good. 

  • I always remember what my grand mother teaches me,  vinegar can eliminate bad odor.  
  • After peeling your lemon or oranges, don't just throw away the skin, you can use this to make your home smelling good.  Boil them in a pan in low heat , add your lemon  and oranges and you can immediately smell the citrus odor it creates while boiling.  I really love the smell, even just by smelling the oranges directly to my nose. 
  • If someone of you is smoking, make it a rule that it was not done inside the house but outside,  we all know that smoking is bad for the health, especially to our kid's lungs and i really can't take the smell of cigarettes because it stays within the house, in your curtains and even in what you are wearing. 
  • Scented candles and reeds are really great deodorizers, i used them inside my kitchen as well in my bathroom.  But make sure that proper handling is being made when using scented candles. 
Clean your house and remove that clutter.  Although, we all know how children creates mess and clutter inside the house,  cleaning your room with a mild soap and water, brooming or using the vacuum, can make your house smelling good.  Get rid of that trash before the smell linger inside the house.   Melandria

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  1. it's always nice to go home and relax in a house that smells clean and fresh. nice tips!

  2. Making your home smell good doesn't need to be expensive - I agree.. Sometimes I do peeling of Oranges and let the peeled skin stay for overnight.


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