Saturday, September 15, 2012

This site had given me so much joy.  Ever since I started collecting postcards, i always look forward on every day of the week for a new postcards to arrive in our office and if there are times that mail is late, I usually go and look for our mailman who brings mails to us. 

I'm glad that our post office staffs are very friendly and accommodating unlike to some other fellow postcrosser whom I have heard many complaints regarding their respective post office. 

I really had fun time being a member of  My day would not be complete without visiting it and I had a grand time looking at different postcards sent by fellow postcard enthusiast. Receiving is such a pleasure and looking at each postcard gives me a satisfaction that could not be bought by anything.  It might be a little expensive in a sense but the happiness and pleasures could not be bought and that's far more important I guess and I know enthusiast will surely agree with me. 

So, if you happen to be a postcard lover like me, I encourage you to join Postcrossing and get a chance to receive a postcard from anyone in the world, the excitement of what card to receive will surely delight you and I am inviting you also to visit my site, Postcrosser Haven and be my follower there and if you wish to exchange postcards with me, I am always open for a swap, go directly to my mail box located in the sidebar and give me a message and I would gladly make a reply as soon as I get online. 


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