Sing for hope

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

I remember the time when i was still active in our previous congregation, i used to sing and dance on worships and play the tambourine whenever i had the chance.  Although, i am studying in a catholic school and my mother was a strict catholic , i have always had the freedom to have my own choices of religion.  

A good confidant of mine is the one who asked me to join and it's my personal choice to join. I love my time with that congregation, it's where i learn to pray with my heart and it's a joy serving others especially joining youth outreach program in different places.  I have always had a heart on helping and serving others. I guess, it's already in my blood or in my genes (not that i'm telling that were politicians) to be a volunteer on different projects.  

It's a joy to help others, especially if you are becoming an instrument on doing good deeds without thinking of any return on your part.  I think, it's also a way of showing your gratitude on all the things you received from our Dear Lord despite the difficulties of our life.  

I believe that we have different ways on coping with our life's problem and helping others, but when you get even one chance to sing for hope, grab that opportunity because, it's always a blessing to be able to be an instrument. 

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